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Exclusive distributor for Australia & New Zealand.


Croydon, NSW, 2132, Australia

Tel: +61(0) 419 474 913 (Bryan) or +61(0) 439 876 099

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Audio Note Meishu Phono Tonmeister Silver -
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Using the Alnico magnets for both drivers, wired with SPx Silver and utilises an internal x-over. The Alnico sound is quiet breathtaking and very different sounding in that the most subtle detail in any recording is nuanced and beautifully formed. The simple reason is that the magnetic gauss of the Alnico  material is so much stronger and linear that the voice coil has no option to respond otherwise and so the sound seems effortless.

We ship worldwide (excluding Audio Note UK products to a country where there is an existing Audio Note (UK) distributor).

Exclusive distributor Audio Note (UK) and Takatsuki Electric for Australia & New Zealand.