Audio Note (UK)

Audio Note (UK0 are makers of the finest domestic audio reproduction equipment money can buy. They use the best available technology, much of it homegrown and in collaboration with experts in their field to deliver the finest components.

They are Europe's largest manufacturer of high-performance audio equipment with a global appeal.

The majority of products are bespoke to the customers' requirements with infinite specifications available ranging from exceptional veneer finishes in speakers through to capacitors and resistors. All make for a unique product that is made for you with the serial number recorded at Audio Note UK so they can refer to it should you have any queries in the future, and, it also provides its authenticity. Being bespoke it takes time for it to be manufactured but this part of the special attention that each piece of Audio Note (UK) deserves.


Total systems

Audio Note (UK) supplies all parts of the audio system from:

  • Speakers

  • Turntable

  • Digital

  • Amplification

  • CD players

  • Cables

  • Internal components - resistors, capacitors, transformers.

Music's finest conductor......

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