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AC no DC mains conditioning DC Blocker

This unit is known as a D C Blocker and the use of it is based on removing very small amounts of D C voltage that is present on the A C mains supply.


We started to investigate this type of device due to a long term customer having issues with transformer heat in his amplifier meaning it would fault in his location and not when it was with us. There is plenty of information on the web about these devices so we chose a design from someone I have faith in and constructed 2 units for a test run. Bringing them up to voltage on my Varic was slightly nervous considering we are working directly with 240v but all went well. Installed between wall socket and amplifier, no more excess heat, problem is gone. The surprise, however, was the substantial improvement in sound. It was like the system had a layer of grunge removed from the frequency range in the bottom end that you never even knew was there. We are not talking subtle here, faster dynamics and real bass [ try The Haxan Cloak ,” Excavation” if you want to see what your system can do ].


We have started on the process of getting the certification of these so we can sell them made up and will update progress but these are the real deal and there is no downside. By the way, you should see what they do to a large-screen plasma or LCD/led screen, blacks like you wouldn’t believe and outstanding image outline/stability and colour saturation.


D C on the A C line comes from solar inverters, switch-mode power supplies, electronic transformers for halogen lights, anything using a half-power switch like hairdryers and the great thing is it doesn’t have to be in your house, could be the neighbour 2 houses away or the transformer up the pole or buried in the ground.




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