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Japanese Engineering, Manufacturing and Quality
Valves - New TA-2A3

+ TA-300B and TA-274A/B 
& TA-S01 single-ended amplifier

We are the official Australian distributor.

New TA - 2A3 - In stock

Takatsuki Electric Industry, which manufactures audio vacuum tubes in Japan, will release the directly heated triode tube "TA-2A3" at the Melbourne HiFi Show 2022,  The company, which revived vacuum tube manufacturing in Japan with the release of the TA-300B in 2010, has added the famous tube 2A3 to its lineup as its first new vacuum tube product in the 10 years since the release of the TA-274B in 2012. As the "TAKATSUKI" brand, which is highly regarded by audiophiles around the world, the TA-2A3 vacuum tube delivers high quality and precise sound.

2A3 (002).jpg


  • 90% of the components made in Japan are used, and the production is 100% completed in the company's own factory.

  • The glass is lead-free and environmentally friendly Kovar glass. In addition, we have achieved a stable shape with no thickness irregularities by in-house moulding. 

  • The plate is made by pressing the cladding metal consisting of three types of metal with a special mold. 

  • Filaments are cut out by the special method from high purity Ni thin plates for vacuum use. 

  • The grid uses carefully selected tungsten material and is drawn out by a die, resulting in a diameter tolerance of ±1µm or less. Furthermore, in order to improve the quality, gold plating is applied.



                              Filament Voltage/current             2.5V/2.5A (AC or DC)

                              Maximum plate voltage               300V

                              Maximum plate dissipation         15W

Operation and

characteristics       Plate voltage                               250V

                               Grid voltage                                -45V\

                                Plate current                              60mA

Warranty                 1 year

Matched pair of the TA-2A3 tube is $2,800.00. 

In stock - Takatsuki TA -300B + TA-274A/B valves - In stock 

Takatsuki TA-300B single-ended amplifier, the TA-S01. 


We are the official Australian and New Zealand distributor of Takatsuki Electric, tubes and amplifiers.

I year warranty and a price for the TA-300B of $2,800.00 per matched pair.


The TA-300B debuted as a made-in-Japan audio vacuum tube after the absence of new domestically produced audio vacuum tubes for 35 years. This product was further improved in precision and reintroduced.

Each and every TA-300B tube is manufactured and assembled with the utmost care using choice materials and under stringent quality control in our own plant in Japan. We remain committed to high quality and refuse compromise as we have always been.

For the reintroduction of the TA-300B, we reviewed the parts and manufacturing processes from the ground up in order to improve precision. We produced new dies for the base and changed the product colour to black. 

The TA-300B offers the ultimate vacuum tube quality that only Takatsuki Electric, the one and only vacuum tube manufacturer in Japan, can offer.

The warm light that passes through the glass tube enhances the luxury of listening to your favourite music in high sound quality.​​​

1 year warranty and a price for the TA-274 A/B rectifier tube $1,800.00 per tube.

Photo 300B-AMP1.jpg
Takatsuki 300B in AN Quest Silver Power
Takatsuki 300B in AN Quest Silver Power

New Takatuski TA-S01 - Serial number 1

Designed in-house, utilising the TA-300B output tubes and TA-274B rectifier tube, and working in conjunction with Tamura who supply the output transformers.


We first heard this amplifier in March this year in the listening room of Takatsuki with the design team. It was actually quite a surprise as we visited to find out more about the valves as we knew nothing about the amplifier. We heard the valves, and then I asked what amplifier they were using, and they said it was their own development which wasn't released yet. The Takatsuki amplifier, TA-S01 was running Altec 7 horn loudspeakers and the dynamics, tone, and speed of the amplifier was very impressive. So here we are with the new TA-S01 for you to enjoy as well as the valves, which are all available for sale.


Product features:                           

  • Takatsuki original vacuum tube TA-300B. Rectifying tube TA-274B.

  • Suitable for the High-Resolution era, Amplifier of the broadband (5Hz~60kHz).

  • New function to adjust amplifier characteristics.

  • It supports 4Ω, 8Ω, 16Ω as the impedance of the speakers.

  • A pilot lamp flashes on and off until a power supply stands up and can confirm a state.


Photo 300B-AMP2.jpg

Variable amplifier characteristics


                      Function                                          Effect

Switch 1         Harmonic content                           Adjusts the depth of the tone

Switch 2         Coupling/Bypass capacitor            Changes the  sound

Switch 3         Bypass Power capacitor                 Adjusts how the bass sounds



Detailed Specifications


Model Number                        TA-S01


Dimensions/Weight                  240(H)×440(W)×300(D)mm; 25kg


Input                                         RCA×2 (Direct input ×1 AC coupling input × 1) Input Impedance 100K Ω



Output                                      Stereo(Output Impedance: 4,  8,  16Ω)



Amplifier form                           Three stage amplification configuration, 300B single amplifier



Tubes                                       12AU7 × 4   ,   TA-300B × 2


                                                  Power supply Department:TA-274B × 1



Output transformer                   TAMURA manufactured F-2007A × 2

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