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Now Takatsuki Electric 300B & 274 valves

Takatsuki Electric TA-300B and TA-274 A/B

As the official Australian and New Zealand distributor of Takatsuki Electric, our first shipment of TA-300B Output tubes and TA-274 A/B Rectifier tubes will be shipping before the end of September.

This has been something that we have been working on for over 2 years and we are very pleased to represent a company with such high-quality manufacturing, sound, and service.

A 1 year warranty and an introductory price for the TA-300B of $2,200.00 per matched pair for all orders and sales up until the end of the Australian HiFi and AV show 2018 in Melbourne this October.

We will demonstrating these valves in The AN Quest Silvers. We have them running in here and they sound brilliant. As with all items of quality they are made in small batches so if you want to secure yours with this shipment email us as we are taking deposits on orders.

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