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  • 90% of the components made in Japan are used, and the production is 100% completed in the company's own factory. ・

  • The glass is lead-free and environmentally friendly Kovar glass. In addition, we have achieved a stable shape with no thickness irregularities by in-house moulding. 

  • The plate is made by pressing the cladding metal consisting of three types of metal with a special mold. ・

  • Filaments are cut out by the special method from high purity Ni thin plates for vacuum use. ・

  • The grid uses carefully selected tungsten material and is drawn out by a die, resulting in a diameter tolerance of ±1µm or less. Furthermore, in order to improve the quality, gold plating is applied.



Takatsuki TA-2A3

  • 1 year warranty from the date of purchase

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