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The TA-300B offers the ultimate vacuum tube quality that only Takatsuki Electric, the one and only vacuum tube manufacturer in Japan, can offer.

The warm light that passes through the glass tube enhances the luxury of listening to your favorite music in high sound quality.​​​ 


Tubes from new will continue to improve sonically for 150 hours and reach optimum performance at 250 hours. 


Matched pairs.


One year warranty. 

Takatsuki TA-300B Output Amplifier Tube - PAIR

  • Specifications

    Type ST type vacuum tube
    Product name TA-300B
    Configuration Directly heated triode tube
    Filament voltage/current 5 V/1.2 A AC or DC
    Maximum plate voltage 450V
    Maximum plate current 100mA
    Maximum plate loss 40W
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