ASON - Australian Society of Audiophiles NSW

We were very pleased to present the new Audio Note product at the ASoNn meeting.

There were three systems on display

System 1

  • Audio Note CD 3x.1/II Integrated CD Player

  • Meishu Silver Signature 300b Integrated Amplifier

  • Audio Note AN-E High Efficiency Speakers

System 2

  • Audio Note CDT-3 Transport

  • Audio Note DAC4 Balanced Digital Converter with Audio Note Black Pallas digital cable

  • Meishu Silver Signature 300b Integrated Amplifier

  • Audio Note AN E Alnico Signature Speakers with external x overs

  • Audio Note Sogon interconnects and power cables

System 3 - Static display

  • Audio Note P4 Balanced Transformer Coupled Mono Power Amplifiers

  • M6 Line/Phono Balanced Pre- Amp

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