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Melbourne Hi-Fi show 2011.- At the show...

Imagine going to a HiFi show and only seeing the gear that you already own. Welcome to the world of a very busy distributor.

Melbourne HiFi show came and went in the blink of an eye but took months of planning and preparation.

Consulting with Mario, Martin and Peter in the UK helped shape the presentation of the system in the hotel room. With the speakers correctly loaded into the corners the only unusual requirement was a 7 meter length of Audio Note Sogon 50 for the connection between the Audio Note M6-Phono and the Audio Note P-4 Balanced Monoblocks. It still surprises a lot of people that the speakers were pushed into the corners when every other speaker demonstrated at the show was well into the room.

We packed the equipment for the drive on Monday and we set up on Thursday evening and played the first CD. I can honestly say that I thought I had a tough three days ahead. Midrange was non-existent and bass was light on. I contemplated changing things around but thought I would leave it for the morning of opening day with the transport and DAC left on overnight. Nothing like pressure to focus the mind.

An early start, fire up the Audio Note P-4’s and go and have some breakfast. Come back and press play on track 2 of Arvo Parts “Symphony No.4”, listen for 15 seconds and decide not to change anything...the magic is back. Prayers are answered, by whom I am not sure!

People start to come and ask questions, sit and listen. It wasn’t till Saturday afternoon that we noticed a trend developing. We were getting returning visitors who were coming back for a rest and refresh from the 50 odd rooms. Even though you take lots of music you really only play maybe 20 tracks consistently. None of them were the typical audiophile fair but tracks like Bruce Springsteen “Ghost of Tom Joad”, Puscifers “Momma Sed”, Horace Parlans “Trouble in Mind” a little of Hildegarde and a little of Sonny Clark “Memorial Quartet”.

You can’t please everyone and it is disappointing to see someone come in, sit for 30 seconds, get up and leave. You think of all the work you have put in and they don’t want to take the time to appreciate the effort. Thankfully there are others who make it all worthwhile.

The Audio Note TT Three 0.5 Reference turntable arrived days before the show and we were still getting acquainted with the sound with the Audio Note IO Gold cartridge and the AN-S9 Step-up. No matter what you may think about turntables, the sound from this combination is a revelation.

Sunday was the same, busy and intense and before we knew it was 5.00pm and time to pack up shop. There was the last minute rush to buy components and bits and then some private demos till 7.30pm. Relax for an hour and then pack-up we finished at 3am and then back at 7am to load the van.

We really appreciate the positive feedback and encouragement that we have received from many people who got reacquainted with Audio Note and who got to meet us. On behalf of Cath and myself we look forward to catching up and sharing with you some excellent sound and helping you to enjoy your music.



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